Tolakan International Company provides a wide range of valuation and legal services for corporate clients and individuals.
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How we work with clients

The perfect process is always and everywhere

We make a positive impact on all our stakeholders and help our customers become the next and better versions of themselves.

Our vision is to be the leader in exceptional customer service, which means we focus on quality to ensure that we consistently deliver exceptional service around the world. For us, exceptional customer service is based on five key components that define Onephere today: customer needs, communication, commitment, people and value.

Customer Needs
We spend a lot of time getting to know our customers: building personal relationships so we can anticipate their needs and offer genuine added value. We always strive to meet our clients’ complex needs by combining deep local market knowledge with global industry expertise and technical skills.

Our top priority is to be clear, open and fast in all our communications. In practice, this means providing short lines of communication so that our customers always know who to talk to. Our client teams, including our senior professionals, are easy to reach, so their expertise in providing deep industry knowledge and commercially astute insights is readily available.

Our ongoing commitment to achieving our clients’ high expectations is embedded in our DNA. This means that we always strive to provide consistently high quality services to meet our clients’ needs. Our clients value results: effective, constructive, efficient and timely solutions tailored to their specific needs.

We hire experienced people and empower them to make a difference through top-notch training, opportunities and rewards. By creating the right environment for our employees and the right people for our customers, we focus on providing exceptional customer service. Our people take pride in working at Tolakan, and it shows clearly when they talk about our global organization and their interactions with our global customers.

At Tolakan, we believe our new ideas and innovative thinking help customers achieve their goals and contribute to their commercial success-now and in the future. The practical advice we provide is based on local and regional experience as well as global years of experience.

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