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Accounting and Financial Reporting
Accounting and Financial Reporting

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Financial and Accounting Services

Optimize your accounting organization

Accounting and Financial Reporting

>Best-in-class performance processes. Optimize functional performance. Implement best-in-class financial and accounting practices that optimize cash flow, improve compliance and accuracy, and reduce operating costs.

Comprehensive portfolio of services
Apply global best practices honed by decades of deep industry experience.

Accounts payable
Simplify receiving and matching invoices, resolving mismatched items, managing vendor inquiries, making changes to purchase orders and travel and expense statements.

Accounts Receivable
Improve invoice and billing management, collection, cash filing, resolving customer inquiries and processing credit notes.

General ledger accounting
Improve journal processing, bank and master account reconciliation, management and statutory reporting, balance schedules, fixed assets and intra-group transfers, and cross payments.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Simplify payroll processing, regulatory compliance and tax filing.

Decision support and planning and analysis
Improve budgeting and forecasting, product and channel profitability, operational reporting and profit and loss/cash flow analysis.

Risk Management
Reduce risk through process design reviews, SOC support, internal controls, risk and control metrics, access controls and IT controls.


Improve conversion rates, reduce costs and increase customer retention

Apply advanced analytics to create product and service recommendations based on customer profiles.

Use predictive outbound calls as part of a digital collection strategy.

Convert business data into useful information to make more informed decisions.

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