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Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Interpret and predict customer behavior

Make informed decisions.
Turn interaction data into useful information.
Apply advanced analytics to understand customer needs and preferences and recommend products, services and solutions.

How do we do it?

Advanced Analytics

Immerse yourself in the data.

Interpret unstructured data for tone, word cloud analysis, customer segmentation and identity, and perform intelligent enrichment from both external and unstructured sources.

Business Benefits

  • Understand your customers.
  • Predict what they need – and when.
  • Intervene before you lose a customer.

Increase customer satisfaction with experiences that reflect their value. Try new products, features and services to understand customer reactions.

Reduce risk and prevent fraudulent behavior.
Predict customer needs and preferences to customize support and operations options.
Some Tolakan customers report a 30-50% increase in orders after applying advanced analytics.

Predictive analytics.
Predict customer actions and needs with an analytics platform that makes recommendations based on historical purchase patterns and behavioral data.

Advanced Analytics

Interactive analytics.
Simplify data interpretation with advanced visualization capabilities in our interactive analytics platform.

Omnichannel interaction analytics.
Get valuable insights from interactions across all channels to maximize sales, customer retention and operational efficiency.

Marketing Analytics.
Analyze marketing results to identify and maximize sales opportunities.

Leverage our expertise for your business.
Benefit from the vast experience of more than 700 expert researchers around the world who are well-versed in the application of lean + six sigma efficiency principles, advanced analytical and statistical models, process re-engineering and intelligent decision environments.

Ready to transform the data you already have into useful information?

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