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Business Strategy
Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Tolakans Business Strategy

Change begins with strategy. Strategy begins with change

Business Strategy

In this ever-changing world, companies need to think fast and stay agile. And that requires strategies that work in the real world. Only Tolakan, with expertise across the value chain, helps clients create strategies based not only on knowledge, but also on the newest technologies.

Our integrated model enables 360° value creation by giving our strategists the benefit of Tolakan knowledge from AI and data science, as well as deep industry experience combined with expertise in effective business functions, supply chain optimization and management, technology development and deployment, and creating sustainable operating models and cultures.

Tolakan Strategy leverages this strength in our work with boards, CEOs and senior executives to create 360° value for shareholders and stakeholders by identifying and answering their most strategic business questions on topics such as growth, profitability, technology-driven transformation, mergers and acquisitions, operating models and sustainability.

Functional Expertise

Strategy& helps our clients understand their unique strengths and create a strategy based on their differentiation to achieve results.

Strategy& works with the world’s leading companies, governments and organizations. We help our clients drive transformational change, create new organizational models, capitalize on their customer and trading strategies, improve their supply chain and asset performance, and integrate security into their strategy to ensure their business is sustainable. We have the know-how, technology and scale to think and deliver big results.

Business Strategy

Business strategy consulting services

Bringing the know-how, technology and scale to think through and realize your company’s greatest strengths

It’s time to rethink the way you do business. A world of risks and challenges, from disruption to globalization. A new economy defined by technology and fluidity. All of these changes affect how customers choose to participate in the value chain and how they can position themselves for real competitive advantage. This can mean rethinking your corporate framework and functions or fully implementing new business models.

With systematic strategic planning tools and methodologies, we help clients improve performance from the start and prepare for success. Working together, we focus on differentiating opportunities , reduce costs to reinvest in growth, take advantage of digitization and open the door to M&A opportunities .

How we help clients

Corporate Strategy

We help clients improve performance and position themselves for success by assessing how internal and external changes affect progress toward strategic goals, with anticipation and analysis of competitive dynamics and with consideration of key client opportunities .

Services include:

Corporate center profitability
Enterprise strategies
Annual planning processes
Scenario planning
Strategic planning

Organic Growth

Organic growth may seem harder than ever, but we use proven strategies and all the strengths of PwC’s global network to help our clients take full advantage of opportunities. We focus on expanding or adding distinctive opportunities for market share you can get, not market share you don’t.

Portfolio Strategy

One good product or service is no longer enough to succeed. Instead, you need outstanding portfolio management. We help clients make smart investments to leverage their greatest strengths and drive future growth. Our insights and methodology will ensure that your portfolios and resources are aligned with your overall goals and strategies and help you develop the flexibility to respond quickly to market changes.

Pricing and profitability

Adapting the right pricing strategy to the product lifecycle is critical to success. Pricing must be set in the context of the broader market – customers, channels and competitors – and aligned with the company’s overall strategy. We help clients develop holistic pricing strategies and capabilities that support profitable growth and optimize value capture.

Services include:

  • Pricing and revenue model strategy
  • Profitability and client portfolio optimization
  • Trade incentives, rebates and discount efficiency

Shareholder Value Strategy

Business Strategy

Maximizing shareholder value means choosing a course of action that has the greatest intrinsic value. We help clients enhance their shareholder value by setting goals based on understanding and anticipating key sources and drivers of value. We then identify and create opportunities at the enterprise and business unit level that will drive sustainable growth over the long term.

Services include:

  • Maintaining or improving excellent performance
  • Changing performance
  • EPS and TSR divergence
  • Whole vs. parts
  • Activist board
  • Payback on acquisitions

Strategic Planning

In the long run, strategic planning provides great benefits by continuously evaluating your company’s performance against strategic goals and using benchmarks to let you know how external changes are affecting your progress. We help clients create and maintain an appropriate planning and performance management system with clearly defined goals and metrics to stay on track.

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