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In the lifespan of a company, there are several moments where significant milestones are reached in its development, adoption, and growth. The big ones are obvious—the day of your first sale, first hire, first repeat client.

But what about the day when your business has grown so much that it receives too many support requests for its internal teams to manage?

When you reach this major business goal, it’s time to start thinking about scaling up your operational readiness to meet your business needs more efficiently as you grow. This is where contact or call center outsourcing can help. And this is the moment when Tolakan can help you.

Services we propose

Information support of the clients’ customers.

We offer a full range of services for Your customer support and care:

  • A 24-hour “Hotline” is provided – calls are received 365 days a year without breaks and weekends;
  • A common or a personal mobile phone number and a fixed network for incoming calls can be used;
  • The client and the customer or vice versa are connected in any country of the world under special light tariffs;
  • Processing of e-mails, chats, and fax correspondence;
  • Greeting, communication and providing information to the customer on behalf of the client company (or the client as an individual) in accordance with Your corporate standards (if You have no standards, we will assist You and develop procedures from scratch);
  • Participation in the conversation between the customer and the client and providing a parallel translation (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc. – any languages at the customer’s request);
  • Carrying out the client’s order to search necessary contact information, book tickets, etc.;
  • Using a modern interactive voice response system (IVR) in any language You need;
  • Providing support services for Your project by a dedicated team of employees. Your customer will not have to wait for the operator’s response – there are many operators and they are always in touch.


Online store services

To optimize the system of ordering products and services, Tolakan offers to simplify the work of specialists of Your company with the help of our “Online stores service”. Within this service, experienced specialists of Tolakan 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year:

  • accept orders for products and services;
  • qualitatively process the order according to Your corporate service standards;
  • provide consultations on the assortment, prices, and quality of products;
  • inform about delivery terms and conditions, warranty service period;
  • work with problematic requests and solve issues of delay in the product delivery;
  • process requests via email, social networks, and online chat;
  • work with the customer base of Your online store through e-mail newsletters and SMS by a given strategy (by schedule or by events);

Customer search

Work algorithm:

  • We create a database of Your prospective customers
  • We work out a script for telephone sales and train specialists
  • We establish the first contacts, update the data, look for decision-makers, and collect relevant information
  • If necessary, we create and send a personalized offer and control its receipt by the customer
  • Then we make the second call to clarify the interest and work with objections
  • We form and send You a detailed report on the work done and a ready-made base of “hot” contacts

Telephone sales

The process of Telephone Sales is organized the following way:

  • Project preparation. We explore Your business area and the nature of Your company’s activities and offer a ready-made solution, taking into account all the information and Your wishes: a training program for employees for the project, a ready-made conversation script aimed at selling.
  • Staff training. All our employees are professionals in customer service, they are trained by certified business trainers of the company on a regular basis. Therefore, they do not need long-time training to start Your project – a few days will be enough to study the specifics of sales in Your company. Dedicated trainers are involved in the project team on a permanent basis on large and constantly growing projects, serving the national companies in Ukraine. During the training, consultants and sales managers work out a particular conversation model. The rapid growth dynamics of telesales projects attest to the employees’ excellent skills of dealing with refuses. Our operators are able to avoid any refusal.
  • Creation of the call base. If You do not have Your own customer call base, alongside the training we develop our own customer base – see “customer search” service. Our employees make “cold calls” and gather statistics on the calls made. A completed database is transferred to the telemarketing group for Your project.
  • Successful launch and implementation of a telemarketing project. You will have sales, statistics and regular reporting, access to conversation recordings, a dedicated operations manager – the head of Your group will be constantly in touch. Our solutions guarantee all possible services in the industry in abundance, including, auto redial and transfer of a call to a specialist.


Why Tolakan?


You do not pay for rent, equipment, the Internet, and telephony, as well as salaries to contact center staff.


Non-stop operation 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.


A dedicated manager and a separate team for Your project, regular statistical and analytical reporting


Customer service in 10 languages


We raise Your incomes increasing Your customers’ loyalty


Hotline Services

By ordering a hotline service from the call center, you get round-the-clock technical support and consulting services for the company’s customers in various areas.

Price: from $0,5/min

Sales Department

With this call center service, you can completely outsource your sales department and do several times more work.

Price: from $0,5/min
Hour: from $20

Acceptance of Orders

Call center outsourcing by eCall offers you the opportunity to accept and process more orders and increase your company’s revenue.

Price: from $0,5/min
Hour: from $20

Processing Calls and Requests

Our outsourced call center guarantees you 100% reception of incoming calls. Requests can be made not only by phone, but also via social networks and e-mail.

Price: from $0,5/min

Mystery Call

Our outsourced call center guarantees you 100% reception of incoming calls. Requests can be made not only by phone, but also via social networks and e-mail.

Price: from $0,5/min

Virtual Receptionist

Our call center outsourcing offers you to forget about maintaining large premises and entire departments with managers. We will find you a secretary who will do all the necessary work and will always be in touch.

Price: from $0,5/min

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