Tolakan International Company provides a wide range of valuation and legal services for corporate clients and individuals.
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About Our Team

We are a young company that provides services in the field of offshore outsourcing, consulting. We work with customers from all over the world. Our goal is to provide services at the highest level, to hear the client and satisfy his needs as well as possible. We are looking for like-minded people who share the same values and are ready to develop and grow with us. Our corporate culture is based on our mission – “to provide companies with the opportunity to delegate business processes to achieve their goals faster”.

Tolakan – A Great Place to Work

Tolakan workforce is unique in many respects:

Tolakan mission and values are clear, communicated often, and embraced.
Tolakan is international company and you will have an opportunity to work with clients from all over the world.
Tolakan is an entrepreneurial company, providing opportunity for those who rise to the challenge.
Tolakan offers continuos learning courses for each employee.

Our values

Tolakan Company

1. Freedom of thought

At Tolakan, we constantly encourage our employees to express their ideas, visions and comments. Freedom of expression is a key necessity for a business that has a desire to grow and develop. We welcome everyone in our team who is ready to share their thoughts with us and put them into practice.

Tolakan Company

2. Striving for innovation

We are for continuous development, generation of ideas and new approaches. Behind every idea there is a specific person and we cultivate an atmosphere in which each employee tries to look at everyday processes in a new way, offering innovations and receiving a decent reward for their ideas.

Tolakan Company

3. Teamwork

Teamwork is the foundation of successful implementation of any project. We are for interchangeability in the team, the relationship between the employee and the boss on an equal footing. We are always ready to help each other and any potentially conflict situations we discuss immediately and resolve without allowing the conflict to develop.

Tolakan Company

4. Client-oriented approach

We never say “no” to our clients. We offer alternatives and make every effort to maintain the trust of each customer and implement each project efficiently and on time. We always analyze all implemented cases to improve the work of our company.

Tolakan Company

5. Mutual respect

We always listen to our employees and understand that the company morale is incredibly important for everyone to be satisfied with their work and to have an atmosphere of respect and trust for each other. Therefore, we are always open to a constructive dialogue with anyone who wishes it. We profess the same values in our relations with our clients.

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