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Cloud Technology
Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Cloud Data Transformation

Cloud Technology

Data is the driving force, and AI is the differentiator

The cloud unleashes the power of data and artificial intelligence to accelerate the next wave of product and market growth.

Migrating data to the cloud, while it requires significant effort for many, is only the first step. Migration opens the door to a much broader opportunity to create a robust data platform in disparate parts of the business.

A platform for creating value that can be used to expand and redefine operational workflows, catalyze more informed and engaging interactions with customers and employees, and drive the next waves of product and market growth.

Focus on lighting the way with data in the cloud

The value of data depends on its availability and application. The cloud is the only place where data gains scale, flexibility and the ability to drive rethinking so businesses can grow. Migration is (just) the beginning.

Companies must take steps to modernize their database so their employees can work with data and cloud innovation that’s always at their fingertips.

Cloud Technology

Converting data to the cloud

Tolakan helps accelerate cloud data adoption and unlock its full potential.

Set the Stage

Assess current data maturity and capabilities, develop an architecture and roadmap.

Make the move

Implement cloud services, build databases and data products.

Operate and optimize

Automate data management, implement AI/ML in data management.

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