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CX Design
CX Design

CX Design

Design Experience

Create an experience that your customers will love

CX Design

Communicate with people through the power of design.

Do you know what it means to be a customer of your business? Do you make a good first impression? It’s more important than ever to exceed expectations from the start. We apply the principles of interaction design to leverage people’s everyday thinking, emotions and behaviors to create a next-generation customer experience that aligns with the needs and motivations of your customers, your employees and your brand.

Journey Design

As channel options, touchpoints and ways of interacting with your brand increase, customer journeys are no longer linear. We help you look at the customer experience through the eyes of your customers to identify key points of truth and points of frustration. We show you how to map customer experiences to your existing business processes, align them with digital touchpoints, and uncover opportunities to shape the future of CX.

Service Design

Customer expectations are changing faster. Can you keep up? It’s time to align and optimize your organization to create and deliver the best possible experience. The big challenge is deciding what to do and how to make it work. We’ll tell you what challenges and opportunities you need to address in CX. We’ll help you explore, conceptualize and test game-changing ideas and outline the changes needed to make them happen.

Touchpoint Design

A well-designed user experience touches people’s emotions, shaping them by connecting what they do to what they think about it. We help you find new ways to engage customers through innovative concepts and prototypes that use the latest ideas and the latest technology. Then we test and integrate to design and create experiences that reinforce what you do and people love to use-at all points of interaction throughout the customer journey.

People-Centered Design

People-centered design puts people at the center of the experience. By helping you understand the needs, wants and desires of your customers, we empower your brand to engage more meaningfully. Reach customers wherever they are, through touchpoints and digital channels, and start creating experiences that people love.

Internal Sales as a Service

Customer retention and loyalty

Our comprehensive customer lifecycle solutions use technology, analytics and a team of of specially trained salespeople to help brands generate new revenue and delight customers.

Develop customer relationships

Customers have more options than ever before. Establishing strong relationships from the first interaction is key, but it’s just as important to develop those relationships over time. Create long-term relationships and create high-quality experiences at important moments to increase customer loyalty at every interaction. Our integrated end-to-end customer retention and loyalty solutions use technology and a team of specially trained salespeople to help brands generate new revenue and keep existing customers satisfied. We help brands increase customer retention and build relationships that enhance customer advocacy and lifetime value.

Customer retention strategies for customer engagement

Engage customers with customized retention program strategies that strengthen customer relationships and increase revenue. It costs 5 times as much to attract new customers as it does to strengthen relationships with current customers. However, many organizations spend more money and time finding new customers instead of building relationships with current customers. The focus on customer retention pays off in the long run.

CX Design

Increased retention equals increased sales

Make customers happy and achieve key business goals by investing in existing customer relationships. Better understand product or service purchase cycles to develop highly personalized customer relationships that retain customer loyalty with our customer journey mapping and churn prediction analytics. Reduce customer churn and create lifelong relationships that will improve with our multi-channel retention and loyalty programs.

Customer retention and loyalty solutions

  • Check-in and greeting.
    Send targeted messages when a contact enters your database through online or offline sales conversions.
  • Return campaigns.
    Bring customers back through personalized marketing campaigns and outreach.
  • Reduce churn.
    Work with at-risk customers and improve customer retention with a personalized, data-driven approach.
  • Optimize loyalty.
    Retain customers using a proactive, data-driven process to help increase loyalty and wallet share.
  • Account management.
    Manage the stages of the customer lifecycle by identifying key events that contribute to customer success.

A holistic approach

Take a holistic approach with our business transformation service

Optimize your business
Achieve long-term success by transforming your entire business

Achieve productivity gains through intelligent automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning,

Create useful business intelligence from vast amounts of unused customer interaction data.

Process Excellence
Improve both process efficiency and effectiveness using targeted operational models and lean + six sigma process disciplines.

Transform your business using our structured transformation process!

Create useful insights by identifying patterns from extensive customer data sets.

Apply our deep technological and industry knowledge to identify areas of improvement and improve profitability.

Create and implement a customized transformation plan based on our deep expertise in solutions.

Constantly innovate and adapt to changing business needs.

Proven Practices
Optimize your business with our comprehensive and proven approach to business transformation that combines years of experience and our deep industry knowledge.

Process optimization
Our business transformation service can help agents develop the contact side by focusing more on human interaction

AI and machine learning
Advanced algorithms speed up processes, and machine learning ensures continuous improvement and accuracy

Enable digital transformation by combining automation solutions with artificial intelligence and analytics to automate complex processes

Extensive technology ecosystem

Let our partnerships work for you

We can design the perfect solution for your business using our extensive partner ecosystem. We partner with leading technology vendors and software developers to create innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of your business and industry.

Inspired to be the best

Deliver real results through digital transformation

We apply data-driven analytics and optimize business operations to eliminate functional silos and streamline business operations. At Teleperformance, we strive for excellence. We strive to deliver the best solutions for our customers, and it’s deeply embedded in our DNA.

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Cost Strategy
Invest resources where they can have the greatest impact and drive growth, sustainability and competitive advantage.

Forensic cost analytics
Combine AI, data, and “due value” analysis to provide visibility and flexibility to quickly make decisions as conditions change.

Sustainability by design
Align cost and resource strategy with priorities such as sustainability to responsibly transform and deliver 360° value.

Organization and workforce
Rethink your organization and workforce, aligning cost structures and resources to support this vision.

Supply chain sustainability
Use data and insights to determine the “proper value” of goods and logistics to help optimize performance, price and flexibility.

How we work

Adopting ZBT is an investment in tomorrow. By introducing new technology and the owner-operator principle into your organization, we can help you change your cost curves and rethink the work itself.

Zero-Base Commercial (ZBC)
Determine the right customer experience and price points for each segment. Evaluate overall wallet share to optimize investment and increase revenue.

Zero-Base Organization (ZBO)
Your company’s clean slate. Determine your future needs and redesign to divert talent away from work that doesn’t lead to desired results.

Zero-Base Costs (ZBS)
Define general and administrative management (G&A) with an unprecedented level of detail to make bold decisions that free up money for growth initiatives.

Zero-Base Supply Chain (ZBSC)
Determine the “proper value” of goods sold based on price, performance and cost optimization, and then optimize products and services accordingly.

Join us

ZBT opens a window into all parts of an organization and its business. Use your vision to solve the biggest business problems with solutions yet to be invented. Build your career by helping clients from around the world reimagine their organizations in an ever-changing business landscape.

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