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Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting

Tolakan offers digital consulting services aimed at solving specific business challenges companies of different sizes and in different industries experience throughout the digital transformation of their services and processes. Our team of digital consulting experts from various fields will provide all the tools you need along with a detailed roadmap for shaping your boldest ideas into tangible business outcomes, increasing the profitability, efficiency, and market demand for your services. We will prepare a targeted strategy to guide you from solution discovery and technology advising to quality control and security assessment, handling your emerging challenges promptly and efficiently. Tolakan digital consulting and software services will support you at every stage of the solution lifecycle to keep your business on top of the ever-changing global market and in line with the latest technology trends.

Our digital consulting services


Solution Discovery

Find the optimal solution for challenges you experience with your current processes or services that will contribute to business growth and customer satisfaction.


Product Discovery

Build a clear vision and implementation strategy for solving business challenges with a new product when there’s no ready-made solution with custom functionality you need.


Technology Advisory

Resolve complex technological challenges for both narrow issues and wide architecture-level tasks while creating products from scratch, modernizing IT infrastructure, or adopting new platforms.


Experience Design

Build an emotional connection with your users by enriching your product with an immersive and innovative experience that will resonate with users’ needs and your business objectives.

Why Tolakan?

Tailored Approach to Consultancy

Tailored Approach to Consultancy

We work proactively with you, relying on years of experience in digital consulting and software services as well as mature experts with technological and business backgrounds who focus on delivering tangible results. We’ll help you sharpen your business idea by combining industry best practices with what we’ve learned throughout our work with clients.

Consulting Scalability

Consulting Scalability

We invest in assessing and improving our digital consulting services to make sure your vision is efficiently translated into a technological solution. Our digital consultancy services go far beyond single engagement. Our Technology Office constantly improves approaches and trains our experts so you can get the most from our knowledge and reach the market faster.

Focus on Clients

Focus on Clients

To get your business on top of the ever-changing market, Tolakan relies on best-in-class specialists with cross-functional and industry-wide expertise. Working shoulder to shoulder with you, we provide digital consultancy services that lay the groundwork for solution or product design, further collaboration, and implementation strategies.

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence

We view expertise and excellence as inseparable ingredients for the success of products and services. That’s why we support our specialists through knowledge sharing and motivate them to develop new competencies in technologies and processes. Within our Centers of Excellence, we make the most of our company’s expertise to help you reach your strategic objectives faster.

Effective Security

Effective Security

We apply security best practices combined with what we’ve learned through our own experience working with companies of various sizes and with various needs. We predict potential risks and eliminate value loss via profound security testing to protect your data at each level, from physical security to software development processes.


The average blended rate is $150 to $200 an hour, depending on the size of the agency and the expertise of the staff.

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