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Technologies and Productivity
Technologies and Productivity

Technologies and Productivity

Technologies and Productivity

Embracing Change, Empowering People

Technologies and Productivity

The combination of changing demographics and new technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence and connectivity are creating exciting strategic organizational opportunities across industries: remote, agile and flexible teams. An attractive and purposeful environment. But at the same time, an aging workforce and cultural inertia create challenges.

We work at the forefront of change management, partnering with you to seize digitization opportunities, leveraging tried and true cultural and team levels, minimizing risk. We advise clients on how to create purposeful companies that people want to be a part of creating. If an organization isn’t meeting the expectations of its employees or stakeholders, the reason may be an uncoordinated strategy of many complex, interacting organizational parts of the company. Our experts can help you assess and redefine your strategic goals and then identify and implement the changes necessary to build a business that meets your goals. It’s strategy made real.

How do we help clients?

Organizational Assessment
To offer real solutions that will work in an unknown future, we start with qualitative and quantitative tools that help us understand how your organization compares to your competitors.

We have expertise in:

  • Diagnosing and assessing an organization’s DNA
  • Organizational effectiveness and performance assessment
  • Cultural fingerprint assessment
  • Decision-making rights assessment
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Benchmarking
Transforming the organization’s enterprise
We support clients in changing their operating model with an implementable strategy defined by clear choices and a strong vision for the future, starting from step one. Our services include:

  • Reorganizing for strategic advantage, innovation and/or efficiency
  • Rethinking the role of the corporate center and business units
  • Shared services and global business services strategy
  • Integration and development of digital capabilities
  • Formal and informal strategy and operating model design
  • Transforming performance management, including the development of measures, metrics and incentives
Technologies and Productivity

Transformation of the functional organization
To help reduce costs and improve performance, we work on all aspects, including structure, processes, tools, talent and culture. By assessing your unique drivers and barriers to change, we can identify informal and formal levers to encourage key behaviors that change mindsets and have a lasting impact on performance. We specialize in:

  • Digital capability integration and development
  • SG&A efficiency and performance improvement
  • Functional operating model transformation and capacity building
  • End-to-end process and cross-functional collaboration model design
Cultural engagement and evolution
We help clients bridge the gap between strategy and execution by leveraging their culture with time-tested methodologies and focused thought leadership, based on the work of leading organizational strategy consultant and best-selling author John Katzenbach. Our services include:

  • Cultural Evolution and Informal Organizational Development
  • Leadership team effectiveness
  • Developing critical behavior during transformational change
  • Building Pride
  • Primary performance transformation

Communication and change management
For organizational transformation to truly succeed, it must be internalized by your employees. Our strategies are designed with a holistic approach that incorporates both the formal and informal aspects of your organization to ensure impactful change from the beginning of our engagement and deliver results that will change your business for years to come.

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