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Financial Consulting
Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

Financial Transformation

Financial Consulting

Finance is increasingly becoming a strategic business driver, managing uncertainties, building resilience and achieving sustainable results. The finance department must stay ahead of the curve to drive change, navigate trust and act as a strategic business partner. This requires the finance department to be nimble, provide actionable data-driven analytics and quickly assess multiple scenarios. It has also reinforced the need for the finance department to transform and adapt to a new world that requires new skills, behaviors and ways of working to become a leading finance function.

It’s time to go beyond the expected – leveraging data-driven technology and digital innovation, investing in skills and defining new ways of working. Financial transformation contributes to that success.

The goal? Transition to a modern financial operating model

How: Use digital innovation, including artificial intelligence (AI), cloud technology and advanced analytics, to automate transaction processing and focus even more on analytics.

How do you drive sustainable financial transformation?

Use a combination of modern and traditional levers to accelerate growth, improve your cost structure, and energize your workforce for sustainable results.

Accelerate your financial transformation wherever you are

Tolakan’s suite of financial transformation solutions can help you meet today’s challenges so you can move confidently into the future of finance.

Check out our suite of services and solutions to modernize your financial service.

Vision and Strategy

Financial transformation is a strategic shift in your operational model for financial management, enabled by a continuous digital transformation of people, processes and performance.

Lead with people

Financial organization and structure

The financial organization includes human and machine roles in a structure that combines a digital workforce, shared services, centers of excellence and business partnership teams. Teams work virtually, using agile workflow models to streamline service delivery and increase organizational agility.

Finance workforce and capabilities

The finance staff is “digitally adapted” and characterized by a culture of curiosity and continuous improvement. New skills and capabilities include stakeholder influence, storytelling, change and leadership skills backed by new digital capabilities.

Take control of the process

Financial Consulting

Process perfection and automation
Processes are standardized, automated and easy to operate. Automated workflows provide increased efficiency and efficient escalation.

Cloud ERP and digital platforms
New digital finance capabilities are realized with cloud-based ERP and digital solutions backed by connected, relevant and reliable data.

Automated and predictive controls
Automated controls are built into end-to-end business processes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables a shift from detective to predictive controls.

Control performance

Advanced analytics, insights and actions
Artificial intelligence and machine learning models provide real-time predictive financial planning and business intelligence that identifies actions to take to improve business performance. Dynamic scenario modeling provides rapid insight into risks and opportunities.

Strategic Financial Business Partnerships
Business Partners uses real-time and linked data to deliver actionable strategic insights to drive business decisions and improve business performance, supporting the transition to an analytics-driven advisory function.

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