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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Human Resources Support Services
Tailored to Your Needs

We are ready to assist you in all difficulties you encounter in human resources management with our team of experts specialized in the field of human resources support services you need.

We help your organization make strategic HR decisions to create a diverse and inclusive environment, remain compliant within your industry and provide training to develop your current and future leaders so your organization can face the future with confidence.

We employ a number of methodologies, including:

  • Conducting interviews with key stakeholders to ascertain the success of current HR programs from various perspectives
  • Creating custom surveys targeting effectiveness of key HR program(s)
  • Review of HR programs and processes using data analysis and best practices
  • Benchmarking against similarly-situated organizations in and outside of your industry to better understand what “best in class” firms are doing from an HR standpoint. We examine practices and programs which enable leading companies to best meet their business goals and customer’s needs

HR Consulting

Assessments often provide a starting point for developing an organization’s overall HR strategy. Tactical elements of the strategy may include recruiting, training and development, compensation and performance management. We also analyze and recommend how to hire the best talent and structure your HR department for your organization’s wellbeing.

We provide our clients with a solid framework for areas to work on in the human resources function. Following implementation of our recommendations and based upon experience with previous clients, your organization can expect to see the following results:

  1. Increased consistency across the business allowing for organizational flexibility and improved compliance
  2. Improved opportunity to become an employer-of-choice work environment
  3. Reduction in legal liability and exposure

Human Resources Consulting — scalable to your organization’s needs

Recognizing the importance of human resources within an organization may be simple enough. But creating an effective HR function and a diverse and inclusive organization is anything but easy.

Effective HR starts with asking critical questions:

  • Are our HR strategies aligned with our overall business goals?
  • Is our human resources department staffed appropriately?
  • Do our HR people have the necessary experience and skills to meet the organization’s needs?
  • Do we have the necessary processes in place to maximize performance management, training, recruitment and compliance?

Tolakan team works with you from creating an impactful HR strategic vision to becoming an extension of your team for HR needs. Our HR consulting solutions are designed to scale to meet your HR needs for better organizational wellbeing.

HR Consulting

Human Resources Consulting Summary

  • Scalable services from ad-hoc HR support to HR strategy and insights
  • Actionable HR assessment & HR strategy development
  • HR compliance and best practice across all industries


Our hourly rates for HR Consulting range from $100-250 per hour depending upon expertise.

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