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HR Transformation
HR Transformation

HR Transformation

HR Transformation

HR Transformation

Creating and delivering employee experience, branded HR services and HR capabilities. For business to grow, people must thrive.

The pandemic has changed the workplace forever, Companies have adapted and changed their models and processes. They’ve had to rethink how they care about the safety, health and well-being of their employees. And employees expect a different relationship with their employers. The rules are being rewritten in real time. Tolakan  helps create HR functions that create value by focusing on the employee experience and leveraging platforms, data, analytics and artificial intelligence.

Elevate people. Elevate your Business.

Our research shows that caring about people pays off. By addressing the six aspects of the Net Better Off model, people are motivated and engaged. Then companies can thrive and grow to 5% even in a weak GDP environment.

Business Process Services

Intelligent Talent and Human Resources Services Helping you optimize workforce performance and productivity with data-driven operations that feed into how HR creates value.


HR Transformation

Improve the customer experience by unleashing human ingenuity and creating a digitally enabled workforce and workplace that fosters innovation.

Employee Experience

Treat employees as customers by improving the physical, digital and human experience throughout their work life cycle.

HR tech solutions

Creating value by creating and deploying cloud-based HR solutions that improve the customer experience and unlock business insights.

HR analytics

Deliver personalized experiences at scale to support service delivery and business outcomes.

Workforce Management

Manage the entire workforce and meet changing requirements with prescriptive data and analytics.

Human Resources Operations

Drive value through data, insights and technology, streamlining day-to-day operations and achieving measurable business outcomes

HR Transformation
Building an HR function to drive growth

Concerns that talent shortages will stifle growth mean that organizations are looking to refocus efforts and invest in those employees who will be most valuable to their business. HR leaders are tasked with mobilizing and managing talent to help the business grow, and in some cases, HR has a long way to go to convince business leaders that they are up to the task.

HR software as a service (SaaS) provides HR executives with a unique opportunity to quickly make revolutionary changes and renew their strategic focus. Organizations that view HR SaaS as an opportunity for transformational change are creating sustainable economic value in record time, while delivering cost savings, improved employee experience and strategic improvements across the business.

HR needs to understand more about technology

Do you want to align your HR function with your organization’s business strategy and get the most out of your employees? And are you looking for ways to improve employee experience and engagement? Do you need to take steps to update your existing HR technology?

How we can help

Our HR projects increasingly include both a technology and transformational element – the true value that comes from “true transformation,” an HR shift from transactional to strategic, a more flexible and robust operating model, business-focused talent and performance strategies, and a radically improved employee experience. A successful HR transformation project typically requires a cornerstone element of technology.

The scope of our services

We help organizations get a glimpse into the forward-looking HR organizations they need for the future and address their current HR challenges. We combine our HR functions and HR technology capabilities to help organizations transform, but we can also provide flexible point solutions for specific client needs:

HR Strategy

  • HR strategy development
  • HR vision, strategy and roadmap development
  • HR maturity assessment
  • Voice of the customer

HR organizational architecture

  • Assessment, development and implementation of a targeted HR operating model (TOM)
  • Assessment, development and implementation of an HR service delivery model (SDM)
  • HR capacity development

HR technologies

  • Digital HR vision, strategy and roadmap development
  • Business case development
  • Solution evaluation and selection
  • Readiness for implementation
  • Implementation
  • Delivery of managed services
  • Post Implementation Optimization Review
  • Evaluation of risk controls

HR management and process improvement

  • HR operational excellence (implementation)
  • HR / HR process review, design and implementation
  • HR/HR management and compliance
  • Policy review, design and development
  • AI/robotic process automation (RPA)

Change and communication

  • Strategy and planning
  • Change readiness assessment
  • Impact assessment and stakeholder management
  • Digital immersive experiences

People data and analytics

  • Benchmarking the effectiveness of the HR function
  • Development and implementation of a people data model (including job and competency frameworks)
  • Development and implementation of HR dashboards / scorecards
  • Developing people data and analytics capabilities



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