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What is customer experience?
What is customer experience?

What is customer experience?

Introduction to customer experience

Customer experience is the heart of the relationship between a business and its customers. Typically, when people talk about customer experience (CX) they mean traditional sales and marketing touch points along the customer journey—for example, attentive store clerks in attractive stores, or simple and beautiful apps and websites. In the past, when executed well, CX investments have yielded good results: better customer retention and acquisition, increased sales and stronger loyalty.

Customer Experience

But the world has changed. It’s more than just the COVID-19 pandemic: A non-stop barrage of external life forces—economic, social, political and beyond—is affecting people’s everyday decisions in unavoidable ways. In fact, according to Tolakan research, 72% of consumers say that external factors, such as inflation, social movements and climate change, are impacting their lives more than in the past.

Amid so much upheaval, people are revaluating what’s important to them: 61% of consumers say their priorities keep changing as a result of everything going on in the world. As a result, the way they interact with brands is evolving, and so too is the idea of customer experience.

Delivering a great customer experience is hugely important for any business. The better experience customers have, the more repeat custom and positive reviews you’ll receive, while simultaneously reducing the friction of customer complaints and returns.

The benefits of delivering a great CX include:

  • increased customer loyalty;
  • increased customer satisfaction;
  • better word-of-mouth marketing, positive reviews, and recommendations.

All business models can benefit from improving the customer experience: subscription businesses can increase retention and reduce churn, ecommerce marketplaces can increase repeat custom and reduce returns, and service industries can gain recommendations and reduce complaints.
In fact, we challenge you to think up a type of business that doesn’t benefit from providing a great customer experience. We believe that putting customers first is always good for business

What is the difference between customer experience and customer service?

Customer Experience

In short, customer service is just one part of the whole customer experience. As we mentioned, customer experience is a customer’s overall perception of your company, based on their interactions with it. Comparatively, customer service refers to specific touchpoints within the experience where a customer requests and receives assistance or help—for example, calling an operator to request a refund or interacting via email with a service provider.

In other words: CX is larger than customer service. It includes every touchpoint a customer ever has with your company, whether it’s the moment they first hear about you in a blog post they found on Google, all the way through to the time they call your customer service team to complain about your product (and hopefully get a prompt response).

What is a good customer experience?

There is no single universal checklist to follow to guarantee good customer experience: your business is unique and so are your customers. However, we’ve found a number of common principles by polling 2000 CX professionals across many industries.

In short, good customer experience can be achieved if you:

  • Make listening to customers a top priority across the business;
  • Use customer feedback to develop an in-depth understanding of your customers;
  • Implement a system to help you collect feedback, analyze it, and act on it regularly;
  • Reduce friction and solve your customers’ specific problems and unique challenges.

It’s not rocket science: a good customer experience comes from asking your customers questions, listening to their responses, and actioning their feedback.

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