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IT Services
IT Services

IT Services

IT Answering Service

IT Services

With Tolakan’s IT answering service, you can provide your customers with invaluable tech and customer support 24/7 while saving big on administrative overhead. Our highly trained, dedicated IT professionals personalize their support to resolve technical issues and answer complex queries as they pertain to your IT company and services—fulfilling your operational obligations and going the extra mile to boost customer satisfaction even while you and your team are away from the help desk.

Tolakan’s account specialists will connect you with a team of highly trained IT professionals dedicated to solving your customers’ queries and supporting your company’s help desk infrastructure. To help you retain customers and boost satisfaction, we’ll set up an answering system that’s tailored to the needs of your IT company—integrating with your CRM and appointment scheduling systems and aligning with your voice and values to provide customized care.

IT Services

Our team of IT specialists will answer every phone call within three rings—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether over the phone or through people-powered text message and webchat, we’re always available to respond to and solve your customers’ complex IT problems or elevate their queries as dictated by you, so that you can cut down on administrative costs without compromising the integrity of your company’s service.

As your personalized help desk, Tolakan provides IT solutions that build customer loyalty and lasting business. Guided by your tech company’s operational obligations and specialized protocols, we provide proactive support—dispensing your solutions and best practices, collecting pertinent information, scheduling appropriate follow-ups, and alerting on-call team members as needed. Once we’ve handled the matter at hand, we’ll let you know.

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