Tolakan International Company provides a wide range of valuation and legal services for corporate clients and individuals.
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Legal Managed Services
Legal Managed Services

Legal Managed Services

Legal Managed Services

Experience the future of law today

Legal Managed Services

Many legal departments struggle to balance their day-to-day responsibilities in order to implement important and meaningful initiatives. Tolakan leverages its global scale and expertise in consulting, technology and alternative services to help our clients achieve a number of key objectives: efficient delivery of high-volume services, transparency and predictability of legal expenses, and more effective risk management, compliance and oversight.

The regulatory landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. The introduction of a series of automatic information exchange rules regarding data transparency has changed the way organizations must manage their facilities. Tolakan has the ability to serve all major aspects of the compliance lifecycle worldwide. Tolakan’s corporate and legal management services combine centralized coordination with local expertise in jurisdictions around the world.

Our legal managed services include:

  • Corporate document valuation
  • Annual compliance
  • Corporate data management
  • Review of governance structures
  • Corporate changes
  • Legal entity simplification
  • One-time legal advice
  • The rapidly changing landscape demands action
Against this backdrop, many global companies operating overseas are struggling with legal entity management and compliance.Compliance also affects how the legal department thinks about change. Many global companies are mastering new skills, technologies and operating models to meet these requirements.

Legal Managed Services

myInsight Entity Management is an innovative cloud-based solution, built on the expertise of Tolakan Legal, that helps manage complexity and risk by providing better control over data and insight into the legal compliance process. The tool increases efficiency, improves control and enhances the quality of the corporate compliance process.

Automating the corporate compliance process can lead to better risk management, mitigate director liability and improve efficiency. It will also provide opportunities to proactively manage overall corporate compliance and enhance the value of your organization as a whole.

Other managed legal services include

  • Contract Lifecycle Management.
  • Legal document review and management
  • Legal project management
  • Legal staff
  • Legal regulation
  • Any outsourced legal services

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