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Outgoing and Incoming Calls
Outgoing and Incoming Calls

Outgoing and Incoming Calls

Tolakan Call Center

Customer Engagement Services And Solutions

Tolakan call center services and solutions enable you to scale successfully to meet customer needs with dedicated support. Highly qualified call center professionals are trained in effective and correct communication so that you can easily take your business to the next level.

Answer every call; convert every lead, and more.

We customize your call center solution

Outgoing and Incoming Calls

We will create your outsourced call center with incoming and outgoing call services that meet your goals and the requirements of your industry.

We will answer your calls, collect key information, and complete predefined tasks – all according to your preferences. To help streamline operations, we can integrate Tolakan call center solutions with your CRM and appointment scheduling systems. Hence, you never miss another appointment, opportunity, or deal due to wire crossings or poor communication.

We answer every incoming call

We will answer every incoming call within three rings and process any request or task from the other end – managing corporate admissions forms, booking and scheduling appointments, or alerting staff on duty. As soon as we take care of the business, we will contact you to let you know everything is settled.

We stimulate business

Outgoing and Incoming Calls

As a call center service provider, we collect information about potential customers and develop special outbound campaigns to increase the number of conversions. With scheduled callbacks and lead qualification, our lead generation experts will strategically upsell, cross-sell and close deals – every day.

Take advantage of our online call center and take your business to the next level. Fill out this form or call to contact one of our business professionals and learn about all the ways.

Tolakan can help you achieve your business goals!

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