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Rewards and Benefits
Rewards and Benefits

Rewards and Benefits

Rewards and Benefits

Overview of Tolakan General Rewards

Rewards for recognizing your skills and contributions.
Rewards for taking care of you and your family.

Every day, OnesSphere employees invest their time and talents to drive results and transform organizations. It’s no small feat, and it requires people to excel – personally and professionally. That’s why we’re committed to investing the right programs, resources and support in you.

Executive Compensation

Rewards and Benefits

Motivating and retaining executives to execute corporate strategy is vital to an organization’s success. Within this specialty, we strive to help companies develop robust executive compensation policies to achieve this goal. We have significant experience helping our clients balance appropriate company compensation policies with shareholder considerations while balancing the complexities of governance. In practice, our assistance includes understanding company strategy and then developing and modeling compensation policies and plans to achieve a positive outcome for all stakeholders.

  • Incentive plans (local and global)
  • Selection of performance metrics and calibration
  • Compensation and valuation modeling
  • Board consultation and corporate governance
  • Compensation reporting and disclosure
  • Best practices, regulations, governance and investor opinions

Reward and performance

Rewards and Benefits

We support clients in developing their overall compensation strategy and creating forward-looking compensation structures for the broader workforce. Greater diversity in the workforce, as well as changes in work practices and technology, mean that new models are increasingly required. In addition, the underlying performance management infrastructure is also evolving to support the development and advancement needed in today’s changing and competitive talent marketplace.

  • Overall Compensation Strategy.
  • Reward transformation, including communication and change management
  • Reward and recognition
  • Research, data analysis and benchmarking
  • Fair reputation and stewardship, including diversity and inclusion

Sales incentive plans

We work with clients to develop sales rewards programs tailored to the unique needs and culture of their business. We help clients assess and identify gaps in their current sales plans, develop effective incentive plans, and facilitate plan deployment with the right communication.

We offer a structured analytical approach to:

  • Understand the organization’s goals and business objectives
  • Agree desired behaviors for each sales job/role
  • Evaluate competitive salaries in the marketplace
  • Distinguish performance levels and negotiate performance pay
  • Ensure agreed upon, transparent and simple plans

Deals and transactions

Evaluate the compensation and related tax impact of transactions, including pre- and post-transaction, buy and sell, initial public offerings (IPOs) and sales.

  • Due diligence compensation, including deal support, compensation and benefits, functions and processes, labor, employee relations, regulatory considerations.
  • Pre-closing service compensation, including hidden costs of compensation, synergies, benefits, pensions, incentives and payroll.
  • Post-closing compensation for services, including compensation and performance, stakeholder engagement and communications, technology, data and analytics.

Benefits and Retirement

We work collaboratively with our clients to help them understand the key drivers and goals of their retirement and benefits. We combine this understanding with our industry, pension and regulatory expertise to help create a retirement and benefits strategy that aligns with our client’s overall business strategy.

  • Costs and benefits – matching and valuation
  • Health and Social Security Benefits
  • Wage and benefit comparisons
  • Retirement strategy
  • Guarantee
  • Dealing with risk
  • Investment strategies

Compensation optimization and employee preferences

We work with clients using technology platforms and our market expertise to determine what employees value, their preferences, expectations, and identify value gaps. We help clients develop customized surveys based on their specific goals, viewpoints and constraints, interpret the results, provide training on technology tools, extract useful insights, and develop and implement action plans. This support produces tangible results for our clients:

  • Developing total rewards strategies;
  • Remuneration cost management;
  • Employee retention, engagement and productivity;
  • Utilizing alternative forms of work;
  • Benefits policy and optimization;
  • Employee well-being.

Rewards for recognizing your skills and contributions

Our suite of financial rewards recognizes your unique skills, impact and career growth. Your personal mix of base salary, bonuses and equity is tailored to the marketplace in which you work and live. As you advance in your career, you have more opportunities for rewards.

Base Pay
We offer a competitive base salary so that our employees are fairly rewarded for the work they do.

Our bonus programs reward our employees for their achievements and contributions to our business.

Performance Fairness
Our leadership grants are awarded in recognition of outstanding performance or significant career achievements.

The benefits of taking care of you and your family
We offer a comprehensive set of programs to help you stay physically, emotionally and financially healthy.

Your Health
As important as your health is to you, it’s just as important to us. To that end, we’re proud to support your health and well-being with our choice of medical, dental, and vision insurance plans.

Medical Coverage
Employees have a choice of national plans (PPO, EPO, HDHP) covering a wide range of medical services and prescription drugs.

Dentistry and vision
Employees have access to PPO and Dental Management Organization (DMO) dental plans as well as a regular vision care plan.

Wellness Program
The program includes a physical fitness, nutrition and stability tracking app that provides quarterly cash rewards.

Additional Benefits
Tolakan employees have access to telemedicine, free second opinion services and digital weight loss programs.

Your family
No two families are alike. And all families matter. That’s why all families at Tolakan are supported by a robust benefits offering, including fertility benefits, adoption and surrogacy support, and care concierge services.

Fertility management, adoption and surrogacy
Tolakan provides assistance in navigating fertility and adoption, as well as reimbursement for adoption and surrogacy.

Parental Leave of Absence

We offer Onesphere parents the following:

  • 16 weeks of paid maternity leave for biological parents
  • 8 weeks paid leave for other parents

Dependent Care
Subsidized dependent care and concierge services are available for children, spouses or older family members.

Working Locally
Primary caregivers, both male and female, can work locally for one year after they return from the birth or adoption of a child.

Flexible working arrangements
Flexible work schedules help employees achieve work-life balance and meet Onesphere’s business needs.

Your time away
Sometimes life situations force you to take your time away from work. During those times, know that we support you with a full range of temporary absence programs, including paid time off, paid time off (PTO) and additional leave for new parents.

Paid Leave
PTO includes traditional leave along with paid sick leave; days vary by level and tenure from 17 to 27 per year.

We provide 8 paid standard vacations and 2 cultural days (any days you choose) in addition to the PTO program.

Other vacation time programs
There are many programs that allow employees to take time off when life requires you to get away from work.

Your day in and day out
Tolakan offers additional benefits and programs, including free annual flu shots, a legal services plan, personal liability insurance, identity theft insurance, pet insurance, discounts on gym memberships and an online shopping center with discounts on a variety of retail offerings.

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