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Risk and Regulation
Risk and Regulation

Risk and Regulation

Risk and Regulation

Risk management and compliance

Risk and Regulation

Your risk management approach and strategy can be the deciding factor in finding the right balance between preventing negative consequences and leveraging competitive opportunities

At Tolakan, we help our clients navigate today’s geopolitical tailwinds. Instead of watching risk and regulatory complexity impact productivity and distract from business priorities, we work with our clients to reimagine risk to improve productivity and create strategic advantage.

Rising nationalist trends, disrupted trade relations and tariffs are just some of the factors affecting businesses today. It is more important than ever to manage risk as part of strategic planning and implementation rather than dealing with problems as they arise.

Strategy&’s experienced risk and regulatory team helps our clients anticipate change, become more agile and more adept at identifying opportunities in the face of disruption and uncertainty. This can be a powerful driver of competitive advantage and growth.

Whether it’s coping with disruption in the healthcare industry, meeting new credit quality standards, or any other risk or regulatory issue, our team can help you turn risk and complexity to your advantage.

Risk Management

Risk management and compliance solutions

The dynamic changes in today’s business environment require companies to effectively harness the full potential of proactive enterprise risk management, which in turn requires a range of innovative and proactive corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) activities, integrated into a comprehensive enterprise risk management program that is a critical enabler for realizing competitive advantage and meeting stakeholder expectations.

Tolakan’s enterprise risk management services help increase the value of your business by:

  • Assessments of your enterprise risk management framework
  • Assessment of business risks or emerging enterprise risks
  • Analyzing the interaction between risk management and compliance departments
  • Development and analysis of risk migration plans

Regulatory compliance

Risk and Regulation

The effectiveness of regulatory compliance reflects the level of control available in your business.

In recent years, companies have to comply with an increasing number of rules and regulations at regional, national and international levels. Whether your organization is a large or small business or a diversified group, almost every part of your organization is required to comply with a complex system of regulations that are constantly changing and subject to penalties for non-compliance. In addition, non-compliance with regulatory requirements exposes companies to reputational risk.

The essence of compliance is not only in the prevention of negative consequences, but also in the effective use of available opportunities. These opportunities have the potential to strengthen the position of your organization through proactive strategic measures: implementation of best practices, employee training, internal controls, benchmarking with other companies of similar industry and scale. All of these measures can increase the value of your business, not just help you comply with regulatory requirements.

Business continuity management

Today’s business environment is becoming increasingly interconnected, so businesses need to think about transforming their approach to dealing with emergency situations. The evolution of business development strategies in the world only adds new risks of disruption to the portfolio of existing risks. Adaptability and recoverability of economic activity is a difficult task in a crisis situation when not a single minute should be wasted.

The management and members of the supervisory board of your company have a number of questions, including:

  • Will we be ready to resume business in case of extraordinary events, the risk of which we have informed investors?
  • Can we trust that our suppliers have effective business continuity plans in place to protect us in an emergency?
  • Are our suppliers ready to support us during a crisis?
  • Does our IT disaster recovery program cover the full scope of our business needs?

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