Tolakan International Company provides a wide range of valuation and legal services for corporate clients and individuals.
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Sales Services
Sales Services

Sales Services

Increase Your Sales

Create a better interaction between the client and the company

Sales Services

The world is changing, and so are customers, so service providers have to change with them. The market is filled with similar companies, but today’s customers want you to know them, engage in dialogue with them in their chosen channel and offer the necessary solutions to meet their individual needs.

Enterprises need a new, future-ready risk management model. One that can respond and work to the ever-changing customer journey, combining valuation, marketing, sales, success, and customer retention. The one where human ingenuity is introduced, digital innovations and all processes are optimized.

With Sales Operations and Digital Inside Sales powered by Tolakan Sales X, your company will have all the resources they need to sustainably grow sales.

How we help our clients

Sales Services

Sales Services & Operations connects its operational network at the front office: sales, marketing, success, and customer support. We help businesses sell seamlessly to customers of all sizes in all regions while empowering and streamlining interactions with customers of any scale.

Customer Acquisition
Tailor your acquisition models to your individual B2B, B2C, D2C, or industry needs and drive conversions across channels, markets, and lifecycles.

Video-enabled Sales
Integrate video into your omnichannel sales strategy to offer live, face-to-face support and visual illustration of how things work.

Value Added Services
Increase average order size, increase sales, and maximize your value with interactive analytics and tailored services.

Sales Chat
Sales Chat allows employees to process multiple customer inquiries, resolve customer requests faster, communicate with consumers through their preferred channel, and ultimately close more sales and improve ROI.

Target Set
Select, hire and train sales professionals who understand your market and customers with our targeted talent acquisition services.

Experience Working with Clients

Your contact center is constantly interacting with customers, and our sales experience and high-tech solutions with a high level of interaction make it ideal for cost-effective cross-selling and up-selling

  • Speech and Predictive Analytics
    Speech analytics is an invaluable tool to help your sales team understand the phrases, trends, and sentiments that underpin every customer interaction. We help organizations use speech analytics to increase sales revenue, predict customer churn and create more personalized offers that resonate.
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty
    It costs a lot more to attract a customer than to keep one. So why does the acquisition team get all the credit? Our customer retention and loyalty solutions deliver an average 30% increase in ARPU. How do we do it? We use deep analytics and proven sales techniques to drive the customer life cycle with the right message and offer.
  • Sales Service
    Every interaction with a client provides an opportunity for growth. Our services to sales professionals can help you predict how likely a customer is to make a purchase, help prevent churn with automated journey management tools, and increase overall revenue by maximizing the last one per engagement and cross-selling services.

Contact us today and learn more about customized business solutions and operating models to enhance your sales programs.

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