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Website Development

Website Development

Business website:
creation and development of websites for business

Today it is hard to imagine a company without a website. One of the most important factors in forming an opinion about a brand is not only the presence of a website, but also its state. When customers compare you with your competitors, they should have no doubt about your company’s leadership in the market.

We update old websites and create new ones that will strengthen your position and make your company stand out from the competition.

But before creating your own site, you’ll need to decide which type of website to create. Here’s a list of some of the most popular on the web today:

  • eCommerce website
  • Business website
  • Blog website
  • Portfolio website
  • Event website
  • Personal website
  • Membership website
  • Nonprofit website
  • Informational website
  • Online forum

What tasks does a Business website solves?


The site creates a first impression and conveys the company’s philosophy, improving its image in the market.


With the help of a website, an advertising campaign to promote your business on the Internet is possible.


You have the opportunity to attract new customers and partners from other regions and countries, thereby scaling your business.

Stages of creation website



We study the target audience and competitors, prepare seo at the development stage.



We create the user journey and its interaction with the content.



We develop a design that leaves a vivid impression of the company.



We create a website with interactive design, dynamic elements and adaptive layout.



We monitor analytics, test, improve, and maintain the result.

Cost from $1300

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