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Tax Reporting Preparation
Tax Reporting Preparation

Tax Reporting Preparation

Labor tax and salary

Controlling employment costs and risks

Tax Reporting Preparation

Employees are an organization’s biggest expense and its biggest risk. Dealing with payroll and incentives, as well as employment taxes and other statutory costs paid to the authorities, and administering the process is complex and fraught with risk. Organizations are becoming increasingly complex because of businesses in multiple territories, complex interactions among stakeholders, workers crossing borders daily, and the many different country and regional legislative and tax regimes that must be dealt with. Added to this are new business models and an increasingly non-traditional workforce mix of employees and a wide range of different contractual arrangements, “giant” talent and other temporary workers.

Tax Reporting Preparation

How we can help you

Tolakan’s tax and expense specialists take a proactive and global approach to the often overlooked costs associated with workforce compensation. We also look at how effectively a company’s tax functions support corporate business needs as well as strict compliance and governance. We look for ways to reduce a company’s labor costs without reducing its headcount.

We can help with:

  • Employment Tax
    We help you understand and comply with your employer’s tax obligations and prepare for tax audits. We help you review your internal processes to control risks and costs, and if you are not in compliance, we work with you to correct and can negotiate with the tax authorities on your behalf.
  • Labor Risk
    We help you understand and mitigate current and emerging employment risks caused by legislation and regulations, including minimum wages, pay ratios and other pay equity issues. We help you strengthen your risk management controls, policies and procedures. We work closely with PwC employment lawyers to identify risks associated with hiring structures and contracts.
  • Reducing labor costs
    We help you understand your overall labor tax costs and identify the controllable element. We help you restructure pay and benefits arrangements such as pay reduction schemes, flexible working schemes and cost-effective benefits schemes to reduce employer costs. We help you develop policies and processes to support cost reduction strategies. We use data and analytics to help you diagnose payroll cost issues, including our Halo for Employee Expenses analytics to identify cost savings in line with your spending policies.
  • Employment Tax Strategy
    We work with our clients to help develop their global tax strategy, prioritizing key compliance imperatives with a focus on risk, reporting and corporate business factor support systems.
  • Payroll Consulting
    We can help you analyze the current structure of your payroll model and the effectiveness of your payroll function. We work with you to identify key requirements for improved payroll solutions, and can help you create vendor selection criteria and recommend the right vendors for your unique business. We can help you analyze your risk and control infrastructure and recommend best practices for managing your payroll function. We also help you make the most of your payroll data and properly analyze your workforce.

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