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Travel and Transportation
Travel and Transportation

Travel and Transportation

Get ready for the next travel adaptation

As travel companies pursue growth in this post-pandemic era, they are grappling with an evolving travel landscape where uncertainty is the rule, not the exception.

Over the last several years, disruption has been relentless. As travel continues its growth journey in the endemic phase of the virus, travel companies will need to adopt an approach of creative pragmatism to outwit their circumstance and set them up for sustained success.

Innovation can help travel companies adapt to an ever-changing travel landscape and tap into bold opportunities.

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Optimize & Innovate!

It’s been a story of continuous optimization and innovation. In the early days, we pioneered frequent flyer programs and, more recently, we’ve been at the forefront of automation, self-service (when it makes sense for customers) and the rapid rise of global digital platforms.

Naturally, optimization requires a very deep knowledge of the processes and ways of doing things that are unique to the sector. And this is where our consultants step in, armed with the best advice on digital transformation – which can be especially challenging given integration with legacy systems and apps.

For us, it’s all about being driven to go further. And there’s no better example of this than exceeding expectations in the ‘moments of truth’ that’s essential to compete in today’s travel industry – we can help you to achieve this!

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Moments of truth

“Moments of Truth” is a mantra of the airline industry. All airplanes are just as comfortable, fast, punctual and clean as each other. Therefore, airlines can only differentiate themselves in the moments when flight attendants, ground staff or customer support specialist are in direct contact with customers. These contacts maybe brief, but they’re the moments that ultimately determine whether the airline will succeed or whether it will fail.

Creating an emotional connection – every time

So, the sure-fire way to develop loyal customers is to create an emotional connection to your brand in those very fleeting ‘moments of truth’. Our customer service experts know this, so they ensure that every moment of truth matters. In fact, it’s something they’re passionate about, whether they’re dealing with a valued frequent flyer, responding to a crisis or IRREG management, or chatting on social media (where we’ve seen huge growth).

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